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This page will be full of my questions for you.

It might be about learning or it might be about getting advanced widgets. But don’t let this just be about my questions!

I also want to know what some of yours are!

If I type “my question:” it means you can answer it.

If it says “(your name) question:” it means I can answer it!

Answers would really be appreciated.

My question: I’ve downloaded some widgets from the dashboard but now i want to get a pet. I’ve gone to bunny hero labs, chosen a pet named it, coloured it, gave my name, now what do I do? (I FIGURED IT OUT)

My question: If I want to get a Youtube video on my blog, how do I do it? I can only put the link on.


4 thoughts on “Questions Page

  1. Hello Tom.

    To answer your question. Once you have customize your pet you look for other sites. There should be the code which you put in the text.

    Also my question is did you get the arcade idea from me? I had a games room with lots of games and some of those are the same on my page.

  2. Mrs. Hamman

    Dear Tom,

    I’m not sure if you see the Youtube site exactly same way we do here, but I’ll try to answer your question. What you want to do is called “embedding”.

    On Youtube, the person who posts the video decides on the sharing settings. If they allow you to post it on your blog you should see a “Share” tab, then under that an “Embed” tab. Copy the code from the box, then go over to your blog post. Click on the “Text” tab (next to the “Visual” tab). Paste the code from Youtube in the box, and the video should be on your blog. You can go back to “Visual” to edit your writing around the video.

    Edublogs has a great guide to embedding media here: Embedding Media

    Hope that helps!

    Mrs. Hamman

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