Hey everybody, This post is just to tell you what I’m doing for my PLT. Me and my friend, Luke are creating a news report and we plan to have a weather segment, an interview with a cyclone survivor, a short chat segment and lot’s more! I can’t wait to start filming so we can present.

Did you know that the eye of a cyclone has calm weather! Cyclones are fascinating things and so far I’m having lot’s of fun.

Stay tuned.


Reflection on our new Chromebooks


Today we got our Chromebooks. So far I have done nothing. I can’t really reflect at all because all I have done is attempted to change my screen saver… unsuccessfully. Putting that aside, I think the Chromebooks will help me enormously in my work because they are simply better. I will be more focused because good computers are fun. I will get through my work faster because the computers run faster. My goal for the Chromebooks is to completely figure it out so I know I’m getting the best experience. I’m still not completely up to date with Chrome so these new Chromebooks have been proving quite tricky.

Term 2!


Hey everybody! I wrote this post to show you how great this term has been and my highlights. I thought I would show this by my top five moments of term 2 like this –

5. Presenting my Islam project for R.E

4. Competing in the Inter-school Athletics

3. Playing for the school football team

2. Doing my Genius Hour of making a sculpture

1. Playing in the Soccer Round Robin.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Stay tuned.

Cinquain Poem


Hey everybody. Recently, our class has been writing poems. Today I wrote a few cinquains. Here they are-


dangerous, exciting

kicking, running, tackling

gives excitement to many



tall, majestic

swaying, thrashing, falling

great place for peace


Thanks for reading I hope you liked them. Please leave your own cinquain on this because they’re really fun to write!

Stay TunedDSC_0246
Photo Credit: Tom Reynolds via Compfight

Disabled kids SHOULD go to school!


Heaps of kids I know always say, “I hate school!” “Do I have to go to school?” because they’re sick of it. Sure, eventually it might get a bit boring but an estimated number of 24,ooo,ooo kids miss out on school because they have disabilities. That’s MORE than Australia’s whole population! If you still don’t care, maybe you should take a look at this video.

Horrible, don’t you think? I sure do. But we choose to envelop ourselves in riches, spend our time thinking about our so-called “horrible lives.”

So take a stand, don’t sit back and do nothing. Help them.



Stay Tuned.



Lots of kids and teens get up and ready for school which is all very well, but how much thought do we really put into this?

Heres a  list of things I do before school on an average Tuesday.

7.15 am – wake up

7.25 am – get out of bed

7.30 am – get dressed

7.40 am – watch T.V

7.50 am – eat breakfast

8.00 am – brush teeth, do hair

8.05 am – leave for school

8.06 am – get shoes on

8.08 am – arrive at school

8.09 am – play down-ball

9.00 am – do comprehension

11.00 am – recess

11.30 am – religion

12.15 pm – math

1.00 pm – lunchtime

2.00 pm – inquiry

3.15 pm – clean up

3.30 pm – notices are handed out

3.33 pm – leave for home

I hope you enjoyed reading about my average Tuesday and I hope you submit some of the things you do during a day.

Stay tuned




Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.03.37 PMhello everybody, this is my three way Venn Diagram on great leaders. My dad and I had a discussion on what qualities make a good leader and I found that all these men had those qualities. I’d love to see your opinon on leaders.

Stay tuned

Your story!


the fog
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: alexcoitus via Compfight

The man had crouched there for hours. His thighs ached, his sides heaved and he was completely helpless. Jonny. That was his name. The sun was about to set and he would be in danger. He had been hiking, when he came to rest for a short while and he crouched down. A few minutes later he had found that he could not bring them back up.

His phone battery was dead and he was miles away from the nearest town.

He had to escape.

Please finish this story in the comments if you feel like it. I would really love to read how you would finish it.

Stay tuned.