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Hi, i’m Tom.

I love sports, video games,(but not in an unhealthy way) and I love to read.

My favourite book is Rangers Apprentice 10 The Emperor of Nihon-Ja. Its written by John Flanagan who’s also written a series called Brotherband.(I love this too) I would recommend either of these books if you’ve read the other, though, reading Rangers Apprentice first would probably be better. But thats me, its really your choice.

Tallin, Estonia - Toompea Castle
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Claudio.Ar via Compfight

Anyway, back to me.

I play Indoor Soccer and AFL. I support Liverpool F.C for soccer and Essendon Bombers for AFL. I love Cricket too, I’ve never really been a fan of basketball or netball. I like hockey, but I don’t play it too much. I don’t like rugby at all, but I suppose that because my family don’t follow it, it doesn’t really matter. I love my bike.Its old and battered but it’s me, I suppose.

My favourite Video Game is called Fifa Street. Its Fifa (soccer) but played in street matches so you can play in a basketball court or in a car-park and even 1 on 1 or 2 on 2! You can do really awesome tricks like the rainbow flick with ease in this game.

Ryan Giggs
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Patrick McDonald via Compfight

My favourite T.V series is called Friends.

Its about 5 high-school friends and when their older, hanging out. Its really funny and humorous and its on the channel 111 hits.

I love to play my Ukelele. A Ukelele is like a small guitar, tuned to the highest four strings of the guitar. But I’ve got a concert Ukelele so the tuning is quite quirky. I want a barritone ukelele which is basically a guitar with four strings.

Here is my Powtoon! I hope you like it!

Well, I can’t think of any more things to put on this post so bye for now!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jose Peto

    Hello Tom,
    That Powtoon was great and love the blog plus the name just goes boom when you hear it.
    Bye Joe,

    P.S. if you want check out my blog

  2. Mrs. Hamman

    Dear Tom,

    I like how you added a Powtoon to your “About Me” page! I see you’ve also added an avatar to your sidebar—nice work!

    I hope you’ll be participating in the Week 2 challenge. I’d love to learn more about your country and city!

    Just a reminder: be sure to visit the blogs of other students your age who are participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. Scroll down on this page to see the list.

    Mrs. Hamman

  3. Mrs. Rombach

    Hi Tom!

    Your PowToons actually made me laugh out loud, which is pretty amazing considering I woke up less than 5 minutes ago to let my whiney dogs outside. Very impressive, young man. I am most definitely sharing your All About Me page with my students, who I have a feeling will be adding a rash of PowToons videos soon. Thanks for the inspiration! Bye, ya’ll!

    Mrs. Rombach
    Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher
    Leesburg, VA, USA

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