School Concert Review


The school concert that I took part in was definitely fun to take place in during my final year at my school. It was a musical with speaking parts, singing parts and dancing parts, a perfect trio.

It begins with a lonely dragon, looking for a friend, so he goes on a quest to find a place in a fairy tale, however, he finds out that he doesn’t quite fit in.

I believe the dancing was of a high standard and the singing was clear and loud. The actors, after many rehearsals (trust me, I’m telling you from experience) were animated and clearly understood. At least, the other actors were, I had no idea if was loud enough.

We had a huge array of songs from ABBA to Disney. The script was amazingly written with good humor and a good plot line flowing through the production.

The performance was a longer one than we have had in past years, but it wasn’t too long and I hope the audience were captivated by the performance, I certainly was.

Sadly, I missed a fair bit in the performance, because of my speaking parts and class dance, but I know from the rehearsals we had earlier that everyone did really well.

If you could’ve come, I really believe you should have because I think the performance was successful and you would’ve enjoyed it.

I’ve decided to rate it 4 and a half stars.

So remember to stay tuned.

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