Football Tournament


Today we played some school football. No not your ordinary game on the oval, we played in the district finals. We began hopeful and determined to win. We managed to kick the first goal and we were extremely excited but things went downhill from there. We ended up losing our first match by about 3 goals.

The second team we played were massive. Getting tackled by their ruck-man was like being stampeded by a rhinoceros. We were left on the scoreboard as scoring one point. They were a really good team and we sadly lost our second and final match by about 5 goals.

Then the two teams we played, played against each other. The tall team managed to win so it went on to the final match of the day.

Another school, who we hadn’t played because they were in a different division, played the winners of the semi-finals. The team in our division scraped a win and they moved on to the next division.

We left the ground to go back to school as the final match ended as we were running a bit late.

But despite our losses it was a great day and we all had fun.

One thought on “Football Tournament

  1. Mrs C

    Oh Tom,
    What a great picture you paint with your words. “Stampeded by a rhinoceros’ certainly give me an idea of the encounter!
    Thanks and I am sorry you did not win but as they say it is not everything !
    Mrs C

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