Term 2 2015


Term 2 of 2015 was an active term. A shorter list would be to recount what we didn’t do. But I’m probably not going to do that. We learnt math, improved our writing, read about religion and we researched justice.

But we also did some things that were out of the ordinary. I’m going to name all of them, then tell a little bit about my favorites. This term we had our winter sports tournament, learnt about Arduino and coding, had our Confirmation, the year 5’s had their NAPLAN, we had our Confirmation retreat, had a video chat with one of BTN’s reporters, participated in the soccer round robin, had cross country and we were involved in a google hangout, with St Mark’s.

Yeah, I know. We’re pretty busy.

But I really enjoyed the Winter Sports, The Soccer Round Robin and the Cross Country. As you can probably tell, I enjoy sport.

Winter sports was the Netball, Volleystars, Football and Soccer Rounders. I played in the football team and it was a great season. Fortunately we made it to the second division and we are yet to play them.

Cross Country was great fun. We had a 3 km course up and down hills. It was a tough run but I made it through to the second round, placing 7th.

The soccer round robin was awesome! It was the full day of sport, sport and more sport! We played well and made it to the grand final. We played the division 1 champions. We played the full game scoreless. Then we were put into extra time. Due to a small miscommunication we believed it was extra time, not the golden goal rule, and we put our team in a really attacking formation. Sadly, due to our un-defensive positions the other team scored and only then did we realize that it was golden goal.

Another great thing was confirmation. We held it on Friday, the 12th of June. We arrived at the church and received our sacrament. We were lucky enough to have auxiliary bishop Mark Edwards present and he was the one that blessed us. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading about Term 2, it’s been a great Term and I hope you enjoyed reading.

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