Week 10 Blogging Challenge – Evaluation


Hey guys, it’s now the last week of the student blogging challenge and it’s an evaluation of the last ten weeks or since March. It’s been great and I’ve enjoyed the few posts I’ve done. But anyway, we have a sort of survey so… here it is.

1. How many posts have you written since March? 5. I would have liked to do more and I’m not at all happy with this statistic.

2. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? 2 were school based, 2 were Blogging Challenge and there was 1 personal one.

3. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I have had 2 comments on my posts from March. Both have been nice teachers from my school.

4. Which post received the most comments? My most commented on post was my comments post.

5. What post was your favorite to write? My favorite post was Let’s Travel because I could let my imagination run wild.

6. Did you change any themes and why? Yes, I changed my theme once because I wanted a different change.

7. How many widgets do you have? I have 12 widgets but I should get a few more because they don’t reach the end of my page.

8. How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I have none because I don’t know how to add them but I’d like to add a few.

9. Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? I have a few widgets so they contribute to my creativity. I also have embedded videos.

That’s my audit that I had to do for the blogging challenge and I hoped you enjoyed.

Stay Tuned.

Let’s Travel!


Hey everybody! This weeks task for the student blogging challenge is about travelling. Where will I go to travel when I graduate high school?

I’ve got a year to myself. What will I do? Obviously, this is my ideal holiday or vacation so this is what I would do if I had the money. (which I might or might not.)

So, I’ve graduated and once I’ve gotten used to the fact that I don’t have to go to high school anymore I’m going to go on a Vacation/Road Trip to America with a couple mates.

What will I pack?

I’ll pack two skateboards, clothes, a helmet, some books, camping equipment, passport, money, license/ ID and my wallet.

What will I do?

Here are the main events that I’ll probably do, in rough order – I’ll book in to The Cincinnati Museum Hotel, probably stay there for the rest of the day as the jet-lag wears off. We will then go skate at Ollies Skatepark as this is a park I have wanted to skate at for a long time and then maybe Clippard park Skatepark as I want to skate there as well. After a day of skating I think I would go to Coney Island for our third day of Cincinnati. I think our fourth day would be a day when we can just stay and relax in our hotel and have a quiet day. On our fifth day we would skate at some street spots throughout Cincinnati and have another day of skating. To top off the day we would go on the hunt for Andy Schrock, an awesome skater who owns a skateboard company called Revive. On our sixth day we would spend a day at the Kentucky Speedway and have a nice day out. And on our seventh and final day, we would spend at the Tri-County Golf Ranch.

After Cincinnati we would go to New York City because this is one of the most iconic places in America. We would stay in The Conrad New York hotel. The first place that I would visit would be either The Empire State Building or The Statue of Liberty. After lots of sightseeing we would go to Central Park as this, like everything else, is iconic. After our first day we would go watch a match at Yankee stadium hopefully, for our second day.Naturally for our third day we would go to Times Square, go for a run on the Brooklyn Bridge, go to the 9/11 memorial and probably go to Central Park again. For our fourth day we would skate at Tribeca Skatepark and then probably Canarsie Skatepark. On our fifth day we would have a nice relaxation day, maybe have a walk on the High Line. On our sixth day we would take a bit of a road trip to the Hamptons and got to the beach. We would spend the night at the Hilton Garden Inn Riverhead. On our  seventh day we would stay at the beach. On our eighth day we would stay at the Hamptons and skate around some street spots and just have a skate day. At the end of the day we would then head back to New York and hop on a plane to LA.

By the time we reached LA I think it would be pretty late at night so we would probably check in to SLS Hotel and I’m thinking that we would sleep. When we got up we would skate, skate, skate. I’ve heard that there are some awesome skate spots in LA and I would love to skate them. I would start by looking for Aaron Kyro’s famous skate spot and when we probably decide that we can’t find it we would probably look for the Pier Seven Manny Pad. Then we’ll head to the Wilshire Rails. We’d then probably hit the cinema for the night. On day two we would got to Universal Studios as I have always wanted to go there. On day three we would go to the Hollywood Walk of fame, then go check out the Hollywood sign. We would later have lunch by the Santa Monica Pier. On our fourth day day we would go to Dodger Stadium and watch a match. Afterwards, we would go to Arcadia Skatepark and then Boyle Heights Hollenbeck Skate Plaza. On our fifth day at LA we would hit the beach. We would then go to Venice Skate  park because this, in my opinion is the most iconic skate park in the world.

After my trip I’d come home. This trip would be awesome to go on and I wish I could do it. Hey, you never know?