Hey guys, This weeks Blogging Challenge is to write a post about comments.

Personally, I love comments. I love scrolling through them and improving and learning about my work from your feedback. When I see a comment that sounds really heartfelt, It makes my day that somebody put in the time to read that.

So keep commenting and keep checking my blog.



2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. StLukes

    You have seen this video by some American students.

    I would love to create one with Australian students. Could you get us started? Film (using your chromebook), a short hint about what makes a good comment or even use your idea from this post as to why comments are important to you. I will collect them all and make a longer film . Send me the link when you are done !
    Mrs C

  2. Marg

    Hi Tom,

    Just a follow up to Mrs C…I think you can get together the inspiration required. Looking forward to see the brain in action!

    Mrs Y

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