Term 1


Hey everybody! Schools out for Term 1 and I am really excited! This Term has been great. We’ve had the Sports Night and and Inter-School Sports as well! Cross Country is coming up in Term 2 and I can’t wait for that.

We’ve learn’t heaps about maths, writing, art, science, religion, different languages, music and physical education. It’s been a great Term, I hope you had a great one as well.

Stay Tuned





Hey guys, This weeks Blogging Challenge is to write a post about comments.

Personally, I love comments. I love scrolling through them and improving and learning about my work from your feedback. When I see a comment that sounds really heartfelt, It makes my day that somebody put in the time to read that.

So keep commenting and keep checking my blog.



100 Word Challenge – Evil Unicorns


I was traveling to Canada on a private jet. Why? I don’t know. I felt like going on a holiday. Canada probably wasn’t the best place for a holiday, but who cares? I was soaring over the snow capped mountains and then, when I looked out the plane window I saw them.

Hundreds upon thousands of unicorns. All of them were gliding gracefully through the air.

Wow. This opportunity was too good to miss. I jumped out the plane window.

I didn’t have a parachute so I hoped that the unicorns were nice enough to catch me. They didn’t.