Doubling and Halving


Hey everyone, I’m at school at the moment  and we’ve just been revising our halving and doubling. We played a game, similar to celebrity heads but instead of celebrity names, we used numbers instead, and to guess them we could ask for the number, but doubled. So instead of getting the answer, 34 for example, we got 68 or 17.

It was great fun and it helped us to learn our doubles and halving. Some simple tricks we learnt were that when doubling, double the tens then the units like this: 46 40×2=80 6×2=12 80+12=92.

The same is for halving: 72 70 divided by 2=35 2 divided by 2=1 35+1=36.

I hope you learnt a bit, but I’ve got to get back to work, so stay tuned and keep checking.

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