School Concert Review


The school concert that I took part in was definitely fun to take place in during my final year at my school. It was a musical with speaking parts, singing parts and dancing parts, a perfect trio.

It begins with a lonely dragon, looking for a friend, so he goes on a quest to find a place in a fairy tale, however, he finds out that he doesn’t quite fit in.

I believe the dancing was of a high standard and the singing was clear and loud. The actors, after many rehearsals (trust me, I’m telling you from experience) were animated and clearly understood. At least, the other actors were, I had no idea if was loud enough.

We had a huge array of songs from ABBA to Disney. The script was amazingly written with good humor and a good plot line flowing through the production.

The performance was a longer one than we have had in past years, but it wasn’t too long and I hope the audience were captivated by the performance, I certainly was.

Sadly, I missed a fair bit in the performance, because of my speaking parts and class dance, but I know from the rehearsals we had earlier that everyone did really well.

If you could’ve come, I really believe you should have because I think the performance was successful and you would’ve enjoyed it.

I’ve decided to rate it 4 and a half stars.

So remember to stay tuned.

My Favorite Biome


Imagine being completely alone at early dusk in the peaceful desert. With a way out, of course. At night the desert is cold and scary, but at about 5 o’clock it is truly peaceful and serene. There are animals, roaming around, and the sheer emptiness is thoroughly calming. A warm breeze ruffles your hair.

Just imagine that. Imagining this makes the desert my favorite biome.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

The Bike Limerick


There once was a bike from Oz

The biker bought it just ‘coz

The two wheeled outlaw

Had bad wheels, a flaw

Then he slipped on the frost

That there was my poem I wrote, inspired by Banjo Patersons Mulga Bill. We were supposed to use vocabulary from Mulga Bill but being a short limerick I could only fit in one phrase; two wheeled outlaw.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Bahay Tuluyan Mini Fair


Today we had a mini fair at our school to raise funds for Bahay Tuluyan. We have raised heaps of money for them and I look forward to seeing the overall sum.

Lots of people have donated and participated which is great so we can raise more for people who have less. It doesn’t seem like much when people donate but when everything comes together it’s amazing to see what it’s possible to raise.

Personally I had a load of fun. Our class were in charge of healthy snacks like fruit sticks, corn on the cob and granola bars. We sold out really quickly. I bought some cake and took some chances with the chocolate throw. Surprisingly me and my friends won heaps of chocolates!


It was really good of everyone to donate and participate I hope we’ve made and impact.

Historic Multicultural Population of Victoria


Screenshot 2015-08-13 at 11.00.44 AM

Hi every one this is my graph about the Multicultural Population of Victoria in 2011. We had a lesson on graphs and we also are researching Australia’s history for our inquiry so this was a way to combine the two. It was really interesting and a fun lesson.

I discovered the top 8 migrants coming to Victoria, and, as I expected, England came up in place number 1. surprisingly India was second. We had to make a graph like you see. This one is mine and if you click on it you can see a full sized picture. It’s really interesting and you’ll probably enjoy it.

Stay Tuned





Sovereign Hill


If you live in Victoria or New South Wales in Australia, you probably know what Sovereign Hill is. If you don’t then I’ll fill you in.

Sovereign Hill is a… Theme park? Tourist attraction? Historic Landmark? I don’t know. But it was fun and educational. We started by splitting up in groups. My group was pretty good and we learnt all about the gold rush and the Eureka Stockade in Bendigo.

I had heaps of fun gold panning, buying lollies, going to the old – fashioned school and learning about the mining.

It was a great experience and I would love to go there again.

My Immigration Museum Response


Hey everyone, recently me and my class went to the immigration museum. Here’s my response.

I feel that the Immigration Museum was a really good experience. I particularly connected with the timeline that wrapped around the room because it was really in depth  and it showed how people thought of the migrants and how their attitude improved. This got me thinking that our attitude has been slightly improving, until now because we’ve dropped our standards once more.


Football Tournament


Today we played some school football. No not your ordinary game on the oval, we played in the district finals. We began hopeful and determined to win. We managed to kick the first goal and we were extremely excited but things went downhill from there. We ended up losing our first match by about 3 goals.

The second team we played were massive. Getting tackled by their ruck-man was like being stampeded by a rhinoceros. We were left on the scoreboard as scoring one point. They were a really good team and we sadly lost our second and final match by about 5 goals.

Then the two teams we played, played against each other. The tall team managed to win so it went on to the final match of the day.

Another school, who we hadn’t played because they were in a different division, played the winners of the semi-finals. The team in our division scraped a win and they moved on to the next division.

We left the ground to go back to school as the final match ended as we were running a bit late.

But despite our losses it was a great day and we all had fun.

Term 2 2015


Term 2 of 2015 was an active term. A shorter list would be to recount what we didn’t do. But I’m probably not going to do that. We learnt math, improved our writing, read about religion and we researched justice.

But we also did some things that were out of the ordinary. I’m going to name all of them, then tell a little bit about my favorites. This term we had our winter sports tournament, learnt about Arduino and coding, had our Confirmation, the year 5’s had their NAPLAN, we had our Confirmation retreat, had a video chat with one of BTN’s reporters, participated in the soccer round robin, had cross country and we were involved in a google hangout, with St Mark’s.

Yeah, I know. We’re pretty busy.

But I really enjoyed the Winter Sports, The Soccer Round Robin and the Cross Country. As you can probably tell, I enjoy sport.

Winter sports was the Netball, Volleystars, Football and Soccer Rounders. I played in the football team and it was a great season. Fortunately we made it to the second division and we are yet to play them.

Cross Country was great fun. We had a 3 km course up and down hills. It was a tough run but I made it through to the second round, placing 7th.

The soccer round robin was awesome! It was the full day of sport, sport and more sport! We played well and made it to the grand final. We played the division 1 champions. We played the full game scoreless. Then we were put into extra time. Due to a small miscommunication we believed it was extra time, not the golden goal rule, and we put our team in a really attacking formation. Sadly, due to our un-defensive positions the other team scored and only then did we realize that it was golden goal.

Another great thing was confirmation. We held it on Friday, the 12th of June. We arrived at the church and received our sacrament. We were lucky enough to have auxiliary bishop Mark Edwards present and he was the one that blessed us. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading about Term 2, it’s been a great Term and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Week 10 Blogging Challenge – Evaluation


Hey guys, it’s now the last week of the student blogging challenge and it’s an evaluation of the last ten weeks or since March. It’s been great and I’ve enjoyed the few posts I’ve done. But anyway, we have a sort of survey so… here it is.

1. How many posts have you written since March? 5. I would have liked to do more and I’m not at all happy with this statistic.

2. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? 2 were school based, 2 were Blogging Challenge and there was 1 personal one.

3. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I have had 2 comments on my posts from March. Both have been nice teachers from my school.

4. Which post received the most comments? My most commented on post was my comments post.

5. What post was your favorite to write? My favorite post was Let’s Travel because I could let my imagination run wild.

6. Did you change any themes and why? Yes, I changed my theme once because I wanted a different change.

7. How many widgets do you have? I have 12 widgets but I should get a few more because they don’t reach the end of my page.

8. How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I have none because I don’t know how to add them but I’d like to add a few.

9. Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? I have a few widgets so they contribute to my creativity. I also have embedded videos.

That’s my audit that I had to do for the blogging challenge and I hoped you enjoyed.

Stay Tuned.